You are one month away

from turning

your business

idea into a fully functioning


You have the idea or skill


We do all

the work to

turn your idea into an open-for-business online company

in 30 days

buiness start up
Who should use us
What we can build

Individuals who have an idea, but don’t know how to turn it into a company

​Individuals who don’t have time to do all the work necessary to start a business

​Established retail companies that want to add an active online sales presence

Setting up a business can be overwhelming- But we know how to do it- we've got you covered

Professional or personal service firms (accountancies, health practices, consulting, law firms etc)

Online retailers (where you are making, or have sourced, the product)


We design & implement all your infrastructure

We craft your idea into a business plan
We complete & file your incorporation documents
We design & build your website
We secure, & set up, business cards, phones, email, on-demand workspaces etc
We sub-contract your sales force to create a nationwide presence in days
growing company
We set up your emailing program
We set up your accounting system
We organize on-demand customer relations to answer calls
We set up your sales/fulfillment processes
... And complete many other things to make your company fully functioning

You tell us what you want, how the company should look/feel etc 

You approve our Implementation Plan & we begin work

As work advances, you approve progress (or request changes if our results don't match your vision)
             You can be as involved as much, or little, as you want

With speedy approvals 
(or changes), in 30

days we'll have you open for business

Our price: $8,000 (Less if you will be completing

some elements)

Plus  approximately $1,000 in specialized vendor

expenses which are passed through at cost

You focus on doing what you love- leave the work to us


How the process works
How the process works
profitable company

Ask yourself-

Do I know how to do all the steps described? 

And if I do, do I have the time?  


If the answer is No, then...

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